Using the Patch

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Using the Patch

Once a patch is ready it will be available through the github Releases tab. Visit my github and click on Releases on the right side of the page. Download the and extract it on your computer.

Use the BPS patch file from the extracted files to patch your ROM. I recommend FLIPS

The patch can only be applied if the original ROM file that you have on your computer is the exact same as the one I used to create the patch. You will find the value of the checksum or CRC or CRC32 (which is all the same thing) in the on the github page of the patch. If you don’t know how to find out what checksum your file has, google it now or use HashCheck or HashTab which shows you the value when you right-click your ROM file and select properties. Once installed the File Hashes tab is available:


1. Extract the zip file from my latest release. There are at least 2 files in the archive, a .bps and a .cue file:


2. Open flips

flips app

3. Click on “Apply Patch” and select the .bps file you extracted in step 1

flips select bps

4. Select the original unpatched source ROM, double-check it has the correct checksum.

flips select rom to patch

select the rom

5. Select the name of the output file. Make sure it matches the name of the .cue file except for the extension.

flips select output file

6. Follow the instructions for the platform (flashcart, emulator, real hardware) to play.

NOTE: A soundPack usually contains a single .bin file or multiple WAVE files. As long as you use the corresponding .cue file there’s no difference in functionality. If you use other soundPack than the ones i created, make sure you use the corresponding CUE file and that the patched ROM and CUE have the exact same filename!