Play on Mega Everdrive Pro

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Play on Mega Everdrive Pro

If you are a lucky owner of the Mega Evedrive Pro you can put the neccessary files onto your sd card and boot the rom.

As long as the .md and .cue filenames match, the system will play the CD music automagically.

Filesystem should look like this:

  • CastleOfIllusion-MsuMD-JP_1.0.bin (CD image file from the SoundPack)
  • CastleOfIllusion-MsuMD-JP_1.0.cue (CD descriptor file from the SoundPack)
  • (the patched ROM)

As long as all these files exist in the same folder, select the .md file and choose START GAME to play.

CD music volume too low?

Disable the option “Treble Boost” and/or “PCM low pass filter” in the option menu!