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How can I help?

Feedback of any kind is always highly appreciated.

The easiest way to help is play the patched games and report any issues via the patch’s dedicated github page.

1. Go to my github

2. Click on Repositories

3. Search for msu-md and find the patch for your game.

4. Click on Issues and file a report:

Github Issue Tracker

Finding or creating soundtracks

A MSU-MD patch only makes sense if a complete arranged soundtrack is available. Finding arranged versions of all the music used in a game is extremely time consuming. If you find soundtracks, verify it has all music tracks by going to Project2612, search for the game’s title and compare the tracks.

If you are a music producer and would like to create a soundtrack, check out the section about creating music from VGM. If you come up with a complete soundtrack I will do my best to create a patch for your chosen game.

Coding help

I’m pretty new to M68K assembly, if you are an experienced romhacker or coder you can certainly look through the sources of my patches and help improving them.

Point me to disassemblies and information

If there’s a disassembly available, it’s much easier to create a patch. If you come across MegaDrive/Genesis source codes or disasemblies don’t hesitate to drop me a line.