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Please note, you cannot start a MSU-MD patched game if theres an invalid setup. The following scenarios will render the game not working:

  • Missing cue file
  • Missing any file specified in cue
  • ROM <-> CUE filename mismatch, e.g. and miGame.cue

Be careful while renaming your files! Pay attention to what is specified in the cue. If in doubt, open the cue with a text editor and double check your filenames. Also, you don’t want to edit cue files in Word, use a decent text-editor like Visual Studio Code or Notepad++.


Cores on the official Retroarch buildbot (different fork) lacks proper MSU-MD support. Extract the .dll inside the ZIP to your RetroArch path /cores

Obatain proper Mega-/Sega CD bios files and place them into your RetroArch path /system

file checksum
bios_CD_J.bin 550f30bb
bios_CD_U.bin c6d10268
bios_CD_E.bin 529ac15a

Mega Everdrive Pro

On Mega Everdrive Pro add the SegaCD/MegaCD BIOS files to your SD card. (See manual) Also make sure you have the latest firmware installed.

CD music volume too low?

Disable the option “Treble Boost” and/or “PCM low pass filter” in the option menu!


SRAM support is disabled in CD mode, that’s why Wonderboy 5 and Mega Man Wily Wars (MSU-MD patched) cannot run on MegaSD.


The patched ROM has to be copied and renamed to cart.rom to work on MiSTer.

The core is under development. There may be bugs like music not stopping or playing the next track automatically. Please make sure you always update the core to the latest version and/or compare to RetroArch behavior.