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Play on MegaSD

Watch for firmware updates for the MegaSD as these will boost compatibility with MSU-MD. Users have reported mixed results, so this a bit of hit’n’miss. There are MD+ patches available for most of the games that I have created an MSU-MD patch for, so maybe check these first if you are a MegaSD owner.

Put the neccessary files onto your sd card and boot the rom.

As long as the .md and .cue filenames match, the system will play the CD music automagically.

Filesystem should look like this:

  • soundPackxxx.bin (CD image file from the SoundPack)
  • romname.cue (CD descriptor file from the SoundPack)
  • (the patched ROM)

As long as all these files exist in the same folder, you should be able to start the game just fine.

(I do not own a MegaSD, please let me know if this information is misleading or incorrect!)

Tech Info

How MegaSD support for MSU-MD works: Link